It’s officially happened. We have become subject to the lockdown baby boom. Number 2 is on the way and times are about the get a little bit crazier. After the heartache we have succumbed, it’s more than just good news to us, it is a blessing. Our little blessing. As exciting as this time should… Continue reading

Loss is not the end

Deciding whether I should write about this subject deemed to be much harder than actually doing it. Once I started, the words kept flowing. The memory still fresh in my head, I couldn’t stop myself. As much as I want to share my story, to make it real, to accept the fact I can't change… Continue reading Loss is not the end

Now we have one year old, we have been “discussing” parenting techniques. I’m paraphrasing discussing because like all new parents it’s not a real conversation without either one of us storming out the room or cracking open the wine just to get through it. We don’t agree entirely on how to deal with tantrums, outbursts… Continue reading


Mom guilt. We all get it. We all hate it. We all get over it. I'm no expert in this subject but I'm not claiming to be either. 12 weeks is all it's been, bringing life into the world and learning my mistakes along the way. I haven't the faintest idea on my how parent… Continue reading Guilty

Dear my little tummy flutter,  It’s hard to comprehend how I feel right now but all I know is that you will be and possibly already are the making of me. You are only a little sprinkle of magic at the moment but one day in the near future you will be the most marvellous… Continue reading