To my younger self 

Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about my past (even the tears) because my experiences have made me the person I am today.

Although mistakes were made (maybe a few too many in all honesty) and if I have the chance to go back in time to give my younger self advice, it would be:

1. It won’t always be this way 

That boy you thought was the centre of your world and turned out breaking your heart? One day you’ll find your special someone and he won’t matter. 

That bully who told you that you were “too fat”, “too ugly” to join in the game?  One day you will see you’re worth and their words won’t matter.

That teacher who always picked on you in class and made you cry? One day you’ll be successful enough that again they won’t matter.

2. Keep an open mind 

It’s hard to see past what’s right infront of your eyes sometimes, especially when you are young. 

It feels like nothing will get better or what you had hoped would happen hasn’t.

That isn’t necessarily true, time has to take it’s course before you reach the end. Be Optimistic.

3. Stay true to yourself  

You are different. Tha is beautiful.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. So what that girl has longer hair, or a flatter stomach or even nicer clothes.

I truly believe that once you learn to love yourself, you will find happiness. 

When you learn to accept your unique qualities, you will outshine your insecurities. 

Be who you are, being you is your best asset. 

4. Nothing is out of your reach

Someone once told me “a dream becomes reality when you take the risks to make it”, life is all about taking risks after all right?

If you want something bad enough, you can get it. Nothing can stop determination. No obstacle can stand in the way of willpower.

The dream is in reach, you just have to take the first step.

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