Threes a crowd.

I read something today that has stuck in my head like a sore thumb. 

You have three loves in your life, out of all the frogs you have kissed, only three become a prince.

The first is undoubtedly that foolish young love, you have fun and you learn the concept of giving your time to someone. But you don’t quite know commitment and still can’t grasp settling. You haven’t learnt to be happy alone yet and you know it’s not an ever lasting affair with this one.

Second we have the bickering kind of love, you may well spend all your time with them and result in endless fights and tears. Many of those bad habits you cannot comprehend. 

And last bit certainly not least of all, your third. The one that you instantly know you will spend the rest of your life with. The one you physically can’t go a second without thinking about. The constant smile spread across your face every moment you are together. You have your whole future planned out in your mind on the third date and you couldn’t picture it another other day each day that passes by. 

Yes you could say it’s cliche of me to believe, and it could sound as though a heartbroken young girl said it weeping over her tub of icecream and second bottle of vino.

Stop, take a moment to think deeply about your own life and decide for yourself. 


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