Who actually cares 

Ok so I will admit I have majorly been slacking on the blogging front the last couple of months. *slaps wrist*

I’m still here though guys, I know you thought you’d got rid of me and my rambling posts but I’m 99.8% sure I’m back (lost some brain cells along the way I think)

Let’s talk about social media. 

It can be the most incredible, insightful, amazing thing but also pretty damn horrid. 

Since it’s slowly taken over every other form of media in existence, we have become the type of society we hate. 

Opinions are given without consideration, feelings are hurt and egos boosted further than you could believe possible.

People talk, that will never change but … who actually cares?

Why should we let this become the be all and end all? The most important thing to remember is we are equal and we all matter.

Let those people sit on their high horse and put you down because you know what, one day you will be a world above looking down on them. 

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