The shock has worn off and the tears have stopped. We are finally ready to accept the fact we are going to have a baby, yay for us! If you read my last two posts you would know just how difficult it was to come to this decision, nethertheless we got there finally and all is well for now…

How could I possibly think it would be all rosey cheeks from here? I am panicking. Every little comment I read, every niggle I feel, all turn my head upside down.

Honestly I can’t explain the countless times I have woken up in sudden panic because I’ve dreamt about giving birth or burst into floods of tears because I’m so scared I won’t be a good mother.

No matter how many times you tell yourself to snap out of it or how many people tell you not to worry, obviously you still worry right?

How do you stop? Truth is, you can’t and you won’t, you just have to learn to deal with it. Don’t let it control you, your relationship, your anxiety, your mind.

There are days I wake up and feel nothing, others I’ll want to cry and on the best days I feel happy to be where I am today.

Dealing with your emotions can be difficult but throwing pregnancy into the mix makes controlling your thoughts and feelings so exhausting on your body.

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