Mom guilt.

We all get it. We all hate it. We all get over it.

I’m no expert in this subject but I’m not claiming to be either. 12 weeks is all it’s been, bringing life into the world and learning my mistakes along the way.

I haven’t the faintest idea on my how parent a child if I’m completely honest, it’s a learning curve and I’m deeply submerged in it.

In this short space of time, I’ve already experienced plenty of variations and I’m going to continue to do so until my baby has her own babies or even after that… until she’s in nappies again? Or I am?

No one is an expert at parenting, there are individuals that have extensive knowledge, but they all learn from experience just like us.

I’ve burnt her mouth, dropped coffee on her baby grow (cold!! sorry trolls I don’t know what hot drinks taste like anymore), left the house and realised she’s got poop over her ONLY clothes I have with me but persisted to carry on doing normal people activities and not giving in to her attempts to have another duvet day. Spent 20 minutes feeding her in the middle of the night only to find none of it has reached her mouth and instead drenched her. Turned the monitor off half asleep and she’s woke up screaming the house down. Oh and not forgetting that time (it was definitely only an hour before writing this, still miffed about it) the little cherub decided to kick off to be changed BUT THEN starts pooping as I’ve tuck off her nappy and it projectiles all over the CARPET, ME and POOR DOGGY. Great stuff now I have double the mom guilt for the dog too.

12 weeks. All this has happened, and I can confirm it doesn’t get easier, each time you feel just as bad as the last (if not worse because you keep f**king up) but remember every mom around the world right now feels the exact same guilt over a similar baby brain incident.

Maybe next one I will get it right… Ha probably not.


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