I want to tell you all about your daddy. By now, you’ll already know of his kind nature and infectious humour (he told me to write this).

To add a little more emphasis on this for you, let’s go back to your childhood. Since the moment you entered this world, his heart grew double in size.

I wasn’t there the first time he held you but he has told me how it felt for him and the love in that story is so prominent.

Metaphorically speaking, a tree of love has grown and keeps growing.

Every time you smile, every giggle lights up his eyes. Truly, you are something he never knew he needed before.

As you grow, the bond strengthens. Your little quirks start to show and the similarities between you both manifest. Some are obvious like your appetite or ability to switch off when I’m talking, others are subtle. You’re equally as gentle and loving as each other.

Reasons why we all adore you and your needy temperaments.

I’m so lucky to have not one but two weird and wonderful people to call my family. And family is all you need to be whole.


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