The little things

We all argue. We all disagree. Families, work colleagues, Sandra in co op down the road. It’s healthy to air your thoughts, express your emotions. But addressing the little things that make you tick, that’s what I believe to be to hardest part of all.

When you argue with your loved ones, it hurts. Like hell. You’ll be sad, you’ll be angry, you’ll be completely and utterly tired of the bulls**t. Usually these disagreements stem from a much bigger problem, something bad has happened to get to this point. I find these to be easier to succumb because it is somebody’s fault it’s happened.

When you live with someone or even spend a lot of time with them, you pick up on their faults. Maybe they don’t put their laundry in the basket, instead they leave it on the floor just in front. Or they have a habit of disagreeing with what you say more often than not. They may shrink your clothes in the wash, or snore louder than a freight train.

And when these little ticks build up, it’s only a matter of time until you have to say something. But how do you do that? How do you mention such a small insignificant weakness without looking like a control freak? However you do, whatever you do, you can’t possibly just come out with it with no consequences. People react to criticism. I guess what I’m trying to say here is as individuals we need to be more resilient, we need to be more accepting. Everyone has faults, it’s okay. They make us who we are, what we become. And although they can be infuriating to other people, they make us individual to one another and let’s not forget nobody is perfect right?

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