We all know it’s a difficult time and something that will go down in history. But in the midst of the chaos, the world has become kinder. Here is a reminder, so we can look back in years to come and show our children that in a brief moment of uncertainty, we were united.

The rainbows you put in your window were turned into a game for little ones on their daily walk. The care packages made for elderly family members and neighbours were blissfully welcomed. Those teaching techniques you have continued to try and master for 7 weeks with hope but given up and the iPad has taken over. Clapping for nhs, our own special thank you, done a little better each week with the array of pots and pans you can scrub up that weren’t burnt in the FaceTime bake off challenge.

Through the sadness the spread caused, we kept our children’s thoughts positive, we continued to play and fill their worlds with joy. With no work, there hadn’t been a time both parents were in the house for so long before, they were thankful to have them around, to take interest in their schoolwork and their hobbies they didn’t seem to notice with the worries of modern day life as a working parent.

Writers were inspired and inventors coming up with creations far and wide. As time stood still, people began to think about what made them happy and rejoice in their surroundings, something that has been largely taken for granted.

The realisation that things had changed was here to stay, we couldn’t see our loved ones, we missed birthdays, weddings and more, but we did it because we care. Because we are kind. Because we are hopeful that the effort we put in will get us through.

When the wave of sorrow suppresses, think of the good that happened within this time. Talk about it. Tell your children. They should know what you did for them. What we all did for the next generations growth.


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