It’s officially happened. We have become subject to the lockdown baby boom. Number 2 is on the way and times are about the get a little bit crazier.

After the heartache we have succumbed, it’s more than just good news to us, it is a blessing. Our little blessing.

As exciting as this time should be, I am still waiting for that feeling. With my first, it was all brand new information and to honest I let myself get caught up in it so quickly. I hadn’t given loss a second thought, even with the message clear in my head – just wait 12 weeks.

This time, it’s all I have thought about. With 12 weeks of exhaustion, severe HG symptoms and all the worry in the world. It was hard to stay positive. To be excited.

We are now in the second trimester and still nothing. Of course, I’ve thought about what it will be like, how they will fit in. But I can’t help but feel uneasy, uncertain of what’s to come. Maybe that’s just how you feel with your second, so many things to consider this time around. Will my children get on? Will they feel loved the same way? Will I feel the same about them?

All I can do now, is hope. That I will start to feel a connection, I will start to feel excited and I will worry less when they are here. Yes, here’s to hoping…


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