Dear my little tummy flutter,  It’s hard to comprehend how I feel right now but all I know is that you will be and possibly already are the making of me. You are only a little sprinkle of magic at the moment but one day in the near future you will be the most marvellous… Continue reading

Father’s Day

So this day is hard for me, I lost my father 9 years ago from a sudden heart attack. Throughout my childhood, he wasn't always the best dad if I'm completely honest with you. He drank a lot, was out until early hours of the morning most nights and had many anger issues. However, the… Continue reading Father’s Day

The shock has worn off and the tears have stopped. We are finally ready to accept the fact we are going to have a baby, yay for us! If you read my last two posts you would know just how difficult it was to come to this decision, nethertheless we got there finally and all is well… Continue reading

Sometimes I feel trapped, alone in my thoughts, unaware of my surroundings or the fact that I have people there for me. I don't know if this is purely because my hormones are off the scale right now or just I'm pretty messed up. Either way it's hard to control and it's those closest to… Continue reading

So we're fast approaching the end of March... Crazy isn't it?  My mum always said to me "time goes by so fast, make the most of yours". This is nothing short of the truth, although it's taken me the best part of 22 years to admit she is right. I find myself wondering whether I'm… Continue reading