What matters 

Why do I write?

For as long as i can remember writing had been my escape, I used it to express my feelings for years but would never share them because I was afraid.

Afraid of what others would think, what they would say and how they would make me feel for just being me.

Now I’ve come to realise that it’s less about what others think of you and more what you think of yourself. 

YOU will always be your biggest critique, in every way possible. Even when you are happy with something you’ve done or even how you look that day, there will be atleast one thing you challenge yourself on.  
I remember this when I’m writing, who will read it? What will they say? The answer is I really don’t care. I do it for me. And I do it to show others that you should do what you love, regardless of opinions and negativity that comes with it.

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